Evil eye removal by lead .for 10 $ a name

 If We met here I guess you face some hardship,
one of the following,


2 physical
3 or emotional.

        Problems that have not been solved by all regular means.
Maybe you suffer just from "Evil eye" cyndrome,
       Can be, your salvation, is the "evil eye" removal by lead.       for 10 $.
Give a try! many were helped.

Call 0548459207 .or 0504105304 give your name Rav Mordechi Lvon.
     1.by post to the address;
                      Lavon M.
                     25, Nurok
                  st.Bnei Braq

              2.A bank order to
                Leumi bank no
              .855 account no.
           for lavon mordechai.

         3.An israeli credit card.

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